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Danielle Hawthorne is an on camera communication strategist and entertainment journalist who has worked alongside some of the biggest names and studios in Hollywood.
From stories on the big screen, to brands sharing their stories on screens that fit in the palms of our hands, Danielle is an expert at both shaping and t
elling the stories of the people she meets.

Danielle’s work as an Entertainment Journalist has been seen on major media outlets like CBS, The CW33 and The Hollywood Reporter. She has interviewed giants across industries, including: Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Hubbard Award winner Sylvia Earle, American Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Padma Shri winner Priyanka Chopra and Palme d’Or winner Robert Rodriguez, to name a few as well as hundreds of filmmakers around the world from Berlin and London, to Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Hawaii, Chicago, and more. She also has the uncanny ability to develop partnerships, strategy and relationships, and has done so with all of the major studios including Disney, Paramount, Fox, Lionsgate, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers.

Noting that storytelling goes beyond the silver screen, Danielle also combined her love for film with her skill set for strategic storytelling and working on camera with the launch of MoviCo Media, which is an entertainment content syndication platform for exhibitors, broadcast and digital advertisers, designed to drive audiences to theaters and entertain consumers.


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